Candidate Tips

The Personal Interview

How to Prepare a Personal Interview

Learn about the company with which you will interview (visit their website, ask friends or family, find related news, etc..)

Analyze your resume, think and draw conclusions about your education, your experience, your skills and how you can most effectively impact the position applied for.

Prepare answers for questions like:

  • Tell me your experience.
  • What do you do in the future?
  • What matters most to you from a job?
  • Why did you choose this industry?
  • Why did you change your job?
  • Why are there gaps in your resume between jobs?
  • Why are you interested in this job / this company?

Tips on the interview

In the interview, above all "be yourself."  Honesty is the most important component. Hiring managers want to know the behavior they will see in the future if you join that company in the end.  If you try to give another image of yourself than what you really are, you will likely encounter difficulty in the future.

Nonverbal communication is also very important. Watch your posture, shake hands firmly and strongly, make direct eye-contact and generally pay attention.

It is also very important to be honest about your achievements and level of education. When you are not honest in the interview samples, you could mislead the interviewer and set yourself up for future difficulty on the job.  Read about the company and the vacancy and only apply if you are truly a fit.

Also, its important to dress appropriately. This is not to say that you need formality, but dress in a professional manner and according to the position you're going to fill.

Other Tips

Once you have entered your interview, wait for the interviewer to reach out his hand and invite you to take a seat. Try to leave your belongings to one side, the important thing is to not disturb the conversation and invade the visual and physical space of the interviewer.

Download a resume sample here.